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Are you planning a party with your friends or a children's birthday party? We deliver Zumba for parties, birthdays, corporate events and to senior retirement homes.  

You can also create your own Zumba classes with friends or family and our instructors will make you dance at the location that is most convenient for you.

Zumba is for everyone!  It does not matter what fitness level you are at. Research shows that with Zumba, fit and less-fit people will workout at the zone that is recommended for improving cardio health. With our Zumba classes, you will enjoy working out. 

What are you waiting for? Chose our dynamic and energetic team of Zumba instructors for a fun and effective workout.  Get in shape while having fun on Latin music. Our Zumba Instructors are mobile and can teach at the location of your choice.  


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For a Zumba class for your party, birthday, corporate event or your senior retirement home in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal of Calgary

 Zumba for Special Events Birthday Parties and for seniors in Toronto Calgary Ottawa and Montreal

Personal Trainer - Zumba Instructor - Toronto - Richmond Hill - Anna

Save time and find your personal trainer or Zumba Instructor in Toronto

I have been in the fitness industry for over 18 years and love to be a personal trainer.  I enjoy sharing my passion for health and fitness with anyone who is ready and willing to change their lives for the better.  Group exercise and personal training are my specialities.  My inspiration comes from the smiles on people's faces when they start to see the changes happening to their bodies and feeling better about themselves from the inside out.  One step at a time is what is required to achieve goals and reach new limits. 

Workplace or Private Zumba Classes Montreal - May Zumba Instructor

May Wong is a certified Zumba instructor with over 5 years dance experience. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, her training includes the basics of the dance steps (salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton) as well as hip hop, calypso and cha-cha dance moves combined, all in one class. Her Zumba classes integrates Latin and internationally inspired music and dance movements, creating an exciting, truly universal fitness routine. In addition, her Zumba fitness combines fast and slow rhythms that tones, sculpts the body, and burns calories and fat using an aerobic/fitness approach to

Personal Trainer - Zumba Instructor - Laval & Montreal - Martine

Find a personal trainer or a Zumba Intructor in Montreal & Laval

My name is Martine and I am a personal trainer and a Zumba Instructor.  I have been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years now.  I have several certifications.  I am certified in the following areas:  Piloxing, Qi-Dance, Zumba Fitness and Toning, Koga Fitness, Kickboxing, Spinning, Pilates, Essentrics,  Jin-Pin Yoga (love of body balance). Aqua Fitness and Aqua Zumba.  My mission in life is to help people from all walks of life either in a group environment or one-on-one training. Fitness is my passion and my love.  I

Workplace Zumba Classses in Ottawa and Gatineau - Julie Zumba Instructor

For Zumba Classes at your workplace or for a Private Group in Gatineau and Ottawa

Julie has a never ending passion for danse. Nothing in the world would take that away from her. She has been teaching Bellydancing, Jazz and Zumba for many years. In addition to devote body and soul to the transmission of her passion to young people and the not so young, she is a professional belly dancer and does social dance competition in which she excels. 

Julie won the « Star Quality Award » for best talent at the prestigious Miss Universe Canada pageant and she also won the tile of « Miss Talent » at the

Workplace and Private Group Zumba Classes Montreal - Teresa Zumba Instructor

For Zumba at your workplace, Corporate event or Private Group in Montreal

Teresa became certified to teach Zumba classes in October 2012. She is also the owner of Dansensuelle a dance form designed for women who are looking for an enjoyable, sexy way to exercise offering classes such as chair dance, burlesque & pole dance classes in the Montreal area. Teresa has trained in many forms of dance including years of classical ballet. Others include Arabic, Indian, Step dancing, Tap, and of course Erotic and Pole Dance. She has performed in shows and instructional DVD's, plus has an impressive list

Workplace or Private Group Zumba Classes Ottawa & Gatineau - Duanse Instructor

Zumba at your workplace or Corporate Event and Private Group in Gatineau and Ottawa

Hi my name is Duanse, my stage name is "Dee Ciple" but most of my close friends and participants call me just plain old "DEE" haha. My passion for dance is limitless. Dance is a huge part of my life and has helped me develop myself into the well versed, mature and experienced Instructor I am today. At a young age I started dancing for family members and friends, at events, community centers, and for schools. Many say that I was blessed with a gift. I'm just happy I can just "feel" the music and let "it" tell me

Workplace Zumba Classes Ottawa - Stephanie Zumba Instructor

For your Zumba Classes at your workplace or Corporate Events in Gatineau and Ottawa

My name is Stephanie and I am bilingual (French and english). My journey started 3 years ago. I was 400lbs when I started this journey. That had been my heaviest. But, I turned a blind eye for years and years. I never wanted to get on the scale. My parents were scared that I would not wake up in the morning. But, of course, you cannot change yourself because someone else wants you to change ; it has to come from within. When I stepped on that scale and it neared the 400lbs mark, I got scared and I knew I had to

Workplace and Private Zumba Classes in Ottawa - Kelly Zumba Instructor

For a Zumba Instructor for your Workplace, your School or a private Zumba Class 

My name is Kelly, and I have been teaching in the fitness industry for ten years. I have a Bachelor of Kinesiology, Specialization in Health and Fitness from Acadia University and am currently enrolled at Algonquin College in their Early Childhood Education Intensive Program. 

I moved to Grand Cayman after university to work in the fitness industry and then joined cruise ships. For 5 years I traveled all over the world working on two different cruise lines running the fitness program as well as working with the

Zumba at your Workplace or Private Classes - Ottawa Gatineau - Martine

Let us help you find your Zumba instructor for Zumba classes at work or private Zumba in Ottawa!

My class is a Dance FIT high-energy, aerobics dance party incorporating many different forms of dance choreography. This cardio blast party workout will combine cardio, powerful movements and strength all in one fun class. You will shuffle, shake, heat things up in the hottest music and moves. No dance experience necessary.

I started to be drawn in dance at the age of 7 years old until dance became my passion. With over 12 years of dance experience, my teaching goes beyond technique to share a deep

Workplace or Private Zumba Classes Laval - Katyana Zumba Instructor

For a Zumba Class at your Workplace or for a Private Class with your Friends 

I have been taking aerobics classes for over 10 years and I have also been taking Zumba classes for the past 4 years. Any time I hear music, it goes straight to my soul and my body takes over and I can’t help but dance! And the only thing better than dancing, is dancing with other people who enjoy music just as much as you do, which is why I decided to become a certified Zumba instructor.

I have been very fortunate to have had many excellent Zumba teachers over the years, so I know exactly what it takes to give a fun