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We deliver Zumba for parties, birthdays, special events and seniors in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary 

We can help you organize your Zumba party at the place and time of your choice

Are you planning a party with your friends or a children's birthday party? We deliver Zumba for parties, birthdays, special events and senior retirement homes.  

You can also create your own Zumba classes with friends or family and our instructors will make you dance at the location that is most convenient for you.

Zumba is for everyone!  It does not matter what fitness level you are at. Research shows that with Zumba, fit and less-fit people will workout at the zone that is recommended for improving cardio health. With our Zumba classes, you will enjoy working out. 

What are you waiting for? Chose our dynamic and energetic team of Zumba instructors for a fun and effective workout.  Get in shape while having fun on Latin music. Our Zumba Instructors are mobile and can teach at the location of your choice.  

Are you looking for a Zumba class for your parties, birthdays, your senior retirement home at your school, or for a private group

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 Zumba for Special Events Birthday Parties and for seniors in Toronto Calgary Ottawa and Montreal

  • Personal trainer Toronto Anna

    Save time and find your personal trainer or Zumba Instructor in Toronto

    I have been in the fitness industry for over 18 years and love to be a personal trainer.  I enjoy sharing my passion for health and fitness with anyone who is ready and willing to change their lives for the better.  Group exercise and personal training are my specialities.  My inspiration comes from the smiles on people's faces when they start to see the changes happening to their bodies and feeling better about themselves from the inside out.  One . Read more

  • Zumba classes Montreal - May

    May Wong is a certified Zumba instructor with over 5 years dance experience. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, her training includes the basics of the dance steps (salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton) as well as hip hop, calypso and cha-cha dance moves combined, all in one class. Her Zumba classes integrates Latin and internationally inspired music and dance movements, creating an exciting, truly universal fitness routine. In addition, her Zumba fitness combines fast and slow rhythms that tones, sculpts the body, and burns calories and fat using an aerobic/fitness approach to . Read more

  • Personal trainer Montreal Sarah

    Save time and find your personal trainer & Zumba Instructor in Montreal

    • Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer Montreal
    • Certified Group class Fitness Instructor : bootcamp, yoga, aerobics 
    • Certified Zumba Instructor (Zumba Fitness) Montreal

    For 15 years, throughout my experience, I have :

    • Structured training programs for weight loss, strength training, high pressure; at different levels;
    • Wellness sessions for corporations and fitness classes for employees.
    • . Read more

  • Personal Trainer Laval Montreal - Martine

    Find a personal trainer or a Zumba Intructor in Montreal & Laval

    My name is Martine and I am a personal trainer and a Zumba Instructor.  I have been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years now.  I have several certifications.  I am certified in the following areas:  Piloxing, Qi-Dance, Zumba Fitness and Toning, Koga Fitness, Kickboxing, Spinning, Pilates, Essentrics,  Jin-Pin Yoga (love of body balance). Aqua Fitness and Aqua Zumba.  My mission in life is to help . Read more

  • Workplace Zumba Instructor Montreal

    For Zumba at your workplace or Private Group in Montreal

    Victoria first entered the world of fitness through dance; she took her first dance class when she was four years old and rapidly grew as a competitive dancer in all styles of dance by the age of 11. After learning from several different teachers and studios, she was given the opportunity to begin teaching her favorite style of dance, Hip Hop. 

    She traveled to New York City annually for professional competitions with her team as well as . Read more

  • Zumba Instructor for Corporate Zumba Classes in Ottawa Gatineau

    For Zumba Classes at your workplace or for a Private Group in Gatineau and Ottawa

    Julie has a never ending passion for danse. Nothing in the world would take that away from her. She has been teaching Bellydancing, Jazz and Zumba for many years. In addition to devote body and soul to the transmission of her passion to young people and the not so young, she is a professional belly dancer and does social dance competition in which she excels. 

    Julie won the « Star Quality Award » for best talent at the prestigious . Read more

  • Zumba Classes Montreal Corporations

    For Zumba at your workplace, Corporate event or Private Group in Montreal

    Teresa became certified to teach Zumba classes in October 2012. She is also the owner of Dansensuelle a dance form designed for women who are looking for an enjoyable, sexy way to exercise offering classes such as chair dance, burlesque & pole dance classes in the Montreal area. Teresa has trained in many forms of dance including years of classical ballet. Others include Arabic, Indian, Step dancing, Tap, and of course Erotic and Pole Dance. She has performed . Read more

  • Zumba Classes Ottawa & Gatineau

    Zumba at your workplace or Corporate Event and Private Group in Gatineau and Ottawa

    Hi my name is Duanse, my stage name is "Dee Ciple" but most of my close friends and participants call me just plain old "DEE" haha. My passion for dance is limitless. Dance is a huge part of my life and has helped me develop myself into the well versed, mature and experienced Instructor I am today. At a young age I started dancing for family members and friends, at events, community centers, and for schools. Many say that I was blessed with a gift. I'm just happy . Read more

  • Zumba Classes Ottawa & Gatineau

    For your Zumba Classes at your workplace or Corporate Events in Gatineau and Ottawa

    My name is Stephanie and I am bilingual (French and english). My journey started 3 years ago. I was 400lbs when I started this journey. That had been my heaviest. But, I turned a blind eye for years and years. I never wanted to get on the scale. My parents were scared that I would not wake up in the morning. But, of course, you cannot change yourself because someone else wants you to change ; it has to come from within. When I stepped on that scale and it neared . Read more

  • Corporate Zumba Montreal

    For your Zumba Classes at your workplace, your School in Montreal

    Aroua has been a certified Zumba instructor since April 2013 and she passionate about aerobics and Latin dance. Aroua has found a new passion with Zumba fitness. In her past life she was gymnast and made her familiar with fitness basic rules and encouraged her to share her passion with you and she is now teaching Zumba classes in Montreal.

    Contact Santé Active 


    . Read more

  • Zumba Instructor Montreal

    For Zumba Classes at your Workplace or Private Group Classes in Montreal

    Andrea started dancing almost as soon as she could walk, she began her professional dance career at the age of 14yrs and received her dance training in Montreal ,Toronto and the U.S. She  is a scholarship recipient of the  School of the Toronto Dance Theater, and  has performed in productions with the Company.  She has been a member of several Dance Company's such as Sybarite Dance Company Ballet Creole,Tropicallissimo  . Read more

  • Corporate Zumba Ottawa

    For a Zumba Instructor for your Workplace, your School or a private Zumba Class 

    My name is Kelly, and I have been teaching in the fitness industry for ten years. I have a Bachelor of Kinesiology, Specialization in Health and Fitness from Acadia University and am currently enrolled at Algonquin College in their Early Childhood Education Intensive Program. 

    I moved to Grand Cayman after university to work in the fitness industry and then joined cruise ships. For 5 years I traveled all over the world working on two different . Read more

  • Zumba Fitness Ottawa Corporate Classes

    Let us help you find your Zumba instructor for Zumba classes at work or private Zumba in Ottawa!

    My class is a Dance FIT high-energy, aerobics dance party incorporating many different forms of dance choreography. This cardio blast party workout will combine cardio, powerful movements and strength all in one fun class. You will shuffle, shake, heat things up in the hottest music and moves. No dance experience necessary.

    I started to be drawn in dance at the age of 7 years old until dance became my passion. With over 12 years of dance . Read more

  • Zumba Instructor Laval for Workplace Zumba

    For a Zumba Class at your Workplace or for a Private Class with your Friends 

    I have been taking aerobics classes for over 10 years and I have also been taking Zumba classes for the past 4 years. Any time I hear music, it goes straight to my soul and my body takes over and I can’t help but dance! And the only thing better than dancing, is dancing with other people who enjoy music just as much as you do, which is why I decided to become a certified Zumba instructor.

    I have been very fortunate to have had . Read more

  • Zumba Instructor Calgary

    For Zumba classes at your workplace or for private group in Calgary

    Hi! I am Yvonne. I am a busy career girl and always struggling with busy schedule and exercise! 20 minutes on the treadmill feels like forever to me! When I first discovered Zumba in 2010, I couldn't believe exercise can be this FUN and EXCITING! Every class is like a party!

    I am licensed to teach Zumba and have been teaching for 2 years in private studio, community centre and gym! I enjoy every minute of it and I invite you to my class to . Read more

  • Jen Zumba Instructor Montreal & Toronto

    Zumba Instructor at your workplace, your school or your corporate and special even in Toronto or Montréal

    My name is Jennifer and I’m a certified Zumba® fitness instructor based in Montreal and Toronto. I love teaching Zumba® classes! You don’t even need to know how to dance, which is why it is so accessible to people from all walks of life. It's so fun that you won't even realize you're exercising! Zumba® is a Latin inspired dance-fitness class that is sure to get your heart pumping and your body jumping. Come join the party!

    I first . Read more

  • Zumba Classes for your Workplace in Montreal

    Hello, my name is Franklin I'm 26 years old from Venezuela and I am a Zumba Instructor in Montreal. My experience; I have had 5 years teaching Zumba, therapy dance, teaching dance ( salsa, merengue, samba), any kind of music do you want, social dance, class of weith, etc.  Every day when I teach my class I  feel happy for this labor, because my big strengths are my family and my job more when a client said me thank, this is very important for me, my weaknesses is my job because every day for example when I'm teaching Zumba, I try doing my . Read more

  • Corporate Zumba or Private Zumba Classes in Montreal and West Island

    Erika our Zumba Instructor realized her passion for dance as a child. She started her dancing journey over twenty years ago as a student of Eastern European folk dances but it didn’t end there: she went on to become a dance teacher, passing on her knowledge of folk dances to anyone who asked. Over the years Erika expanded her horizons to the basics of various forms of Ballroom dancing. Her passion has led her to a career as a certified Zumba Fitness® Instructor, where she also . Read more

  • Zumba Classes at your Workplace Ottawa-Rhea

    For a Zumba Instructor at your workplace or for a private class in Ottawa

    RHEA has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Guidance and Counseling. It says it all… she loves being with people, and so passionate about health and fitness, while helping others reach their goals! She was a dance and Aerobics Instructor in the 80’s, and got certified as a Zumba Instructor in April 2014, and started teaching then. She is pursuing another fitness venture of becoming a Personal Trainor in the Fall. Her Zumba fun-filled . Read more

  • Zumba Instructor in Toronto - Jennifer

    For Zumba at your workplace or for private Zumba classes in Toronto

    I found Zumba in 2009 in a small town in north Australia.  I was over running, cardio machines in the gym and have always loved to dance.  I studied Exercise Physiology at McMaster University and in my last year I decided to study Chiropractic and in 2007 I became a Chiropractor. I have also worked in the fitness industry since 2002 as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and am also a certified Yoga Teacher

    I . Read more

  • Private & Corporate Zumba in Laval

    For corporate Zumba or private Zumba classes in Laval

    Hi, my name is Maria and I live in Laval but I was born in Montreal. Laval is a city I hold dear, it is a city full of energy. Dancing was always a hobby of mine. ZUMBA is my new passion! Zumba is a fun and enjoyable way to get in shape and improve your overall health. To see a smile on someone's face after a Zumba class, my work is done! I am also a certified Zumba® Kids Instructor. My Zumba Kids classes encourage children to excercise in a fun atmosphere. I am CPR certified . Read more

  • Corporate Zumba & Fitness Classes in Toronto

    For corporate Zumba or fitness classes in Toronto

    Anita has enjoyed working out as a personal hobby, so she made her hobby into a job! She obtained an Ontario College Certificate in fitness leadership from Sheridan College, where she learned about the different aspects of personal training, anatomy and group exercise. Out of all the different types of group exercise, she attended Zumba classes while she was a student at Sheridan College and absolutely loved it! She continued to participate in Zumba classes until she completed her studies at . Read more

  • Corporate and Private Zumba classes in Toronto

    For Zumba at your workplace or for private Zumba classes in Toronto

    Popi is a licensed Zumba instructor, certified CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS), and ballroom and latin dance instructor.

    Popi absolutely loves teaching Zumba.  Popi decided one day to try out a local Zumba class and fell in love with Zumba immediately. Coming from a very structured latin / ballroom dance background, Popi found a new joy in the freedom Zumba offered, and not to mention the perfect work out!

    Popi lived in London, England – the world . Read more

  • Corporate & Private Zumba Classes Toronto

    For Zumba in the workplace or Zumba classes for private groups in Toronto

    Hi, Im Claudia and I loooove teaching Zumba classes. Zumba is the love of my life beside my beautiful daughter and my husband! The first time I tried Zumba I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!!! Groing up I was always around sports, I played professional handball back is Europe, and finished sport school. And dancing???? Well that is something that it is just natural for me. I took a couple of courses in Europe, and loved it! I just love music, . Read more

  • Corporate Zumba Toronto

    For corporate Zumba, Zumba classes for private groups or Zumba for schools in Toronto

    Hi there! My name is Sahar and I am a licensed ZUMBA instructor teaching classes across the GTA and have taken several dance classes throughout my career from studios and institutions including The Adelaide Club, Sole to Soul, University of Toronto and York University.  I originally have a finance background; however have pursued dance, health and fitness as a part time career.  I have always had a passion for dance and teaching ZUMBA which has . Read more

  • Zumba Instructor Montreal - Corporate Zumba

    For Zumba in the workplace,  Zumba at your school or private groups in Montreal

    Born and raised on the tropical lands of México, Jonathan has always known that rhythm and music are part of his roots. Amateur dancer, he discovered Zumba® fitness while walking back home from work back in 2011, and felt in love with the concept: to dance and have fun while getting in shape! Once in Montreal, he decided to follow his passion and joined a Zumba® Fitness Instructor Training Course, in February 2012. His devotion and amazing energy put into each of . Read more

  • Zumba Montreal in the workplace with Pilar

    For a Zumba instructor at your workplace or at your school

    Pilar was born in Irapuato, Mexico. And before she started to walk, she started to dance! Yes… it is possible… try it. When she was 18 years old and right after graduating from high school, she went and lived in Brazil, where she participated on a Rotary exchange program. While in Brazil, she learnt Portuguese, and of course how to dance SAMBA! When she came back from Brazil, her next goal was to become fluent in English, keep discovering/seeing the world and learn from other cultures, 6 . Read more

  • Zumba at your Workplace for Employees Toronto GTA

    For Zumba at your workplace or for private group Zumba in Toronto

    Sindhu is a certified Zumba instructor in Toronto and the GTA. Sindhu loves to dance, and share her passion for fitness. Having both a professional dance background and Zumba training Sindhu incorporates core dance elements and structures to her Zumba classes while also including strength training and cardio exercises like squats, lunges, plyometric exercises and core stability. All this to upbeat, high energy music and choreography is sure to leave participants wanting more! . Read more

  • Zumba Ottawa

    We deliver Zumba at your workplace or where it is most convenient for you in ottawa

    Alexandra developed an early interest in dancing and fitness growing up in east of Ottawa Ontario and Long Island, New York. From a young age and throughout teenage hood she was always figure skating, completing dances, and performances for talent shows and school assemblies. At the age of 12 she was the leader and teacher of the dance program at her elementary school in Eastern Ontario.

    She decided to receive her Zumba certification after a friend, a fellow . Read more

  • Zumba Laval and West Island

    Zumba for kids or for your workplace in Laval or West Island

    Hi, I'm Jana and I love Zumba! Group exercise has been my fuel since I was 16 years old. Three years ago I discovered Zumba and to me it is the perfect exercise. Great music, people, and a lot of moving and shaking makes a perfect fitness recipe! I look forward to sharing my energy with you! I am also passionate about Zumba kids! Whether we are dancing, moving like airplanes or jumping like frogs, the smiles on the kids faces lets me know they are having a blast!

    . Read more

  • Zumba in the Workplace or Private Zumba in Ottawa & Gatineau

    For Zumba at your office or for private Zumba classes in Ottawa and Gatineau

    Ghada started her career as Zumba instructor five years ago. She first learned Samba in Brazil where she learned from the best dance teachers. She has her own style because of her background and she combines some extra moves. In her class you will find Zumba with an oriental touch and ballet dance.

    You don't want miss this chance to get fit and have fun from the best Ghada.

    Contact Santé Active

    . Read more

  • Andrea Corporate Zumba or Private Zumba in Toronto

    For corporate Zumba or private group Zumba in Toronto

    Andrea is a Licenced Zumba Instructor and she is originally from Sombor in Serbia.  She has met with Zumba 7 years ago and she has always been active.

    She now lives in Toronto and she wants to share her passion for Zumba with you.  At work or if you want to organize a party with your friends Andrea is available to teach your Zumba classes in Toronto.

    Contact Santé Active

    1-888-923-2448 . Read more

  • Find a Zumba Instructor for corporate and private classes in Durham

    Find your Zumba instructor for corporate Zumba or private Zumba classes

    Samantha has a theatre, dance background.  In December 2016 she became certified as a Zumba/ Zin member to share the love of music and danse with others.  It's not just a work out, it's a dance party.  In addition certified in CPR, fitness instructor,  Barre and core. 

    Contact Santé Active and find your Zumba Instructor

    1-888-923-2448 . Read more

  • Corporate Zumba in Barrie and Private Zumba

    We offer corporate Zumba and private Zumba in Barrie

    Are you looking for a Zumba Instructor?  Nicte offers Corporate Zumba and Private Zumba in Barrie. She has been in the dance industry for many years and I love to be a dance teacher, especially Zumba instructor. I enjoy sharing my passion for dacne and health , because, also, I am physiotherapist. 

    She Mexican, from the state of Yucatan, I have Latin American blood and the rhythm in my veins. I have taken Zumba courses as in Mexico as in Spain and don’t feel Zumba . Read more

  • Corporate & Private Zumba and Insanity Laval

    We offer private and corporate Zumba and Insanity classes in Laval 

    Carla will deliver your private and corporate Zumba classes in Laval. After 2 pregnancies and 70 pounds overweight, Carla decides to join her local gym and instantly fell in love with the group fitness classes. Seeing her goals being reached and the happiness it brings her,  in 2010 she changes career and becomes an Instructor.

    Today she’s certified Zumba Instructor, Zumba Toning, Strong by Zumba, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Her goal is before . Read more

  • Corporate Zumba and Zumba in Schools Montreal

    For Corporate Zumba or Zumba Classes at your School in Montreal 

    Let Santé Active introduce you to Jessica who offers corporate Zumba and Zumba classes in schools in the Montreal region.  She is a certified Zumba instructor since 2015. She has danced many different styles of dance since the age of four. She has an advanced background in hip-hop dance, teaches hip-hop dance in schools, and has always had a very big passion for dance and for fitness and health. She now teaches Zumba at various Gyms in Montreal, does shows and fundraisers . Read more