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Private and Corporate Yoga Montreal West Island

For corporate or private yoga classes in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil

My name is Luiza or better known as “Lulu”. I am a purpose coach and yoga teacher where I help individuals transform their lives by helping them find more meaning and purpose in their lives. I help people step away from their fears while stepping in a zone of meaning, self-love and inner happiness. I can also guide people with their eating habits to step into a zone of healthier eating habits that will last long term for healthier and happier lives. I studied psychology, management, Reiki, holistic nutrition, life coaching and yoga at Agama. I am also a lover of life and I spent my life looking to find meaning and now helping others do the same.

The type of yoga I teach is truly life-changing. I myself healed very deep wounds, including depression through yoga. It is a very slow and meditative style of yoga where one is called on to gain awareness of their energetic bodies. I also teach a more dynamic style where it’s all about energizing the body and getting back in shape and more. They are both achieved with eyes closed, the way it was taught originally.

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