Personal Trainer Ottawa & Gatineau - Matt

Personal Trainer Ottawa - Train with Matt

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  • Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer Specialist Ottawa - Gatineau

  • Sport Performance Institute-Level 2-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

  • National Personal Training Academy-Scientific Program Design
  • Athletics and Wellness-TRX and Kettle Bell Fusion.
  • Paramedic Service-Standard First Aid/CPR/AED


  • 12 years personal experience training a variety of clientele with goals which include: fat loss, strength,  endurance, bodybuilding, injury prevention and balance/symmetry
  • Experience with proper form, posture, technique and tempo of exercise
  • Experience with fitness competition preparation, sport specific, nutrition and supplementation
  • Have competed in 4 fitness model competitions in the past 10 years and placed Top 3

Fitness Philosophy

Health, Fitness and Wellness has been my passion for almost 20 years. It has taught me to believe, achieve and succeed in my health and fitness goals and apply them to helping and coaching clients to achieve their goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day but with positive support, accountability, goal setting, persistence, and guidance, client’s lives can be changed one step, rep and set at a time!

Healthy change for the body, mind and spirit is here to make you better in all aspects of your life! 

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