Nutrition and weight management

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Our nutrition experts will provide you personalized nutrition plan, at home, or for your employees, as well as conferences about nutrition to your workplace in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal.

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1. Nutrition for a healthy weight management

Our nutritionists will help you to better understand the mechanisms behind a healthy weight loss. Our approach is tailored to your needs and will allow you to receive the necessary tools to achieve your goals and maintain them in the long run
• For obese or overweight people
• To get rid of the slimming diets and slimming products
• To learn and understand the importance of the food you consume.

2. Nutrition to maintain your cardiovascular health

Our nutritionists can help you to select the food which suits your taste and your needs, in order to restore your cardiovascular health.
• Cholesterol and high triglycerides
• High blood pressure
• Angina and other cardiovascular diseases

3. Nutrition to help you monitor your diabetes

Our nutritionists will bring you the help you need to select the best food to help control your diabetes, and so prevent yourself more serious health problems.
• Gestational diabetes
• Type 1 and 2 diabetes

4. Nutrition to improve your digestive health

Our nutritionists can help relieve your symptoms and improve your overall health conditions.
• Celiac disease
• Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Constipation and diarrhoea
• Gastric or duodenal ulcers
• Gastroesophageal reflux disease

5. Diet for women

Our nutritionists can help women to eat according to their nutritional needs, based on their life cycle.
• Breastfeeding
• Postpartum weight loss
• Menopause

6. Nutrition for persons with eating disorder

Our nutritionists will be able to work as a team with the different parties in order to help people with eating disorders.
• Anorexia
• Bulimia
• Binge eating

7. Nutrition for athletes

A nutritionist from our team will be able to help you find the optimal solution for you, based on your sport and your lifestyle.
• High level sport and performance
• Endurance sports
• Muscle gain

8. Allergies and food intolerance

One of our nutritionist can help you find alternatives to products containing allergens that are giving you problems, and will ensure that you consume the nutrients your body needs, despite your allergies or intolerances.
Our nutritionist experts will study your needs and will assess your current eating habits and your nutritional state. They will formulate short and long term objectives to make sure you get healthy food at reasonable cost. They will determine plans of action and will assess the effect the the used strategies have on you.

Holistic Nutritionist Calgary - Katia Bruce

For a consultation with our nutritionist in Calgary

Be the healthier you!

Growing up surrounded by a family working in healthcare and hospitals, Katia always had a high interest for health & wellness.

Holistic Nutritionist Calgary - Veronica Vargas

I have been helping people overcome or prevent our biggest threats towards Health, such as Diabetes, Cardio Vascular Disease, insulin resistance, obesity, and cancer, through the practice of Nutritional Symptomatology and with the Healthy for life Program and a certified team leader designed by Dr.Ray Strand.

Sport Nutritionist in Calgary

I find passion in creating health from the inside out with nutrition and fitness.  I believe that true health comes from the core.  In other words, we need to fuel ourselves with whole, clean, unprocessed foods to feed and nourish our cells.  Once our cells are working at peak levels, then every other fitness and nutrition goal we have can be realised.  This is what moved me to get my certification in Fitness Nutrition.  I specialize in meal timing for optimal fat loss and lean mass gains.  I take into consideration your training n

Corporate Dietitian Toronto Nutrition Health Workplace

For corporate workshops about nutrition with a dietitian in Toronto

I am a bilingual (French & English) registered dietitian and I offer nutrition programs and workshops for workplaces, groups and individuals.

Ottawa Gatineau Nutritionist for Healthy Nutrition

Marianna offers wellness services in Ottawa, Ontario.  She believes that the human body is complex and that we need to see individuals as whole, rather than individual parts. For this reason, she fosters an integrative approach when working with her clients, considering emotional, social, cognitive and physical aspects of the individual. She believes that food is therapeutic and through optimal nutrition, improving digestive health and supplementation, we can manage and even eliminate chronic symptoms.

Nutritionist Ottawa Healthy Eating

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N) my goal is to give clients the tools needed to sustain a healthy body and lifestyle for years to come. What makes what I do different from other dietary practitioners, is that the basis is on education: educating you to take control of your life and your health so that my position will theoretically be extinct. It isn’t about a quick fix, as all individuals are biochemically unique. It means figuring out what works best for you. Your body. Your lifestyle.

Ottawa Nutritionist - Healthy Nutrition and Weight Management

For a nutritionist at your home or your workplace in Ottawa

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from CSNN.

Holistic Nutrition focuses on a natural approach to a healthy diet and considers the individual as a whole. This natural approach incorporates emotional, spiritual and physical health to create a state of well being for optimum health.

A Holistic diet incorporates natural and organic foods, natural holistic supplements and food treatments for chronic health conditions.

Ottawa Nutritionist at your Home or Workplace

For a nutritionist at your home or workplace in Ottawa

I entered the field of nutrition with a passion for health and a desire to help people. I obtained my Bachelor of Science from McGill University in Dietetics and Human Nutrition and I am currently a member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario and Dietitians of Canada.

Nutritionist – dietitian Montreal Laval Longueuil Gatineau

For a nutritionist / dietitian to your home or workplace in Montreal, Laval or Longueuil 

Kelly is a Member of l’Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec and a certified eating psychology coach.  She has 5 years of experiences hospital, medical clinic and gyms. Her mission is to support individuals to live wellness, a crucial aspect of sustainable weight management. 

The context:

Workplace and Home Nutritionist Services in Montreal Laval & South Shore

For a Nutritionist / dietetician to your workplace or at your home in Montreal, Laval or South Shore

"Graduated of the University of Montreal, specialized program in human nutrition and member of the College of Dieticians of Quebec (OPDQ), Amel is dedicated to its customers by providing nutritional advice that greatly contribute to improving health, quality of life and performance.