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For therapeutic Yoga at your workplace or at home 

Antoine has always been looking for deep and meaningful experiences in life to grow. His spiritual journey took him through a variety of experiences before finding yoga as a discipline. He cycled on his own through continents for years that took him from the highest pass of Tibet all the way back to the roots of his home in Quebec. Whether passing by meditation in a Vipassana center on the shore of the Indian Ocean or committing himself to a new vertical horizon of rock or ice climbing, Antoine is committed to live in the moment and enjoy the inner quest.

Through his life journey, he found yoga 4 years ago in Edmonton. Nothing else seemed to make more sense in his life than practice to be conscious and fully present on and off the mat. Over time, and through life changes and challenges, he found that a committed practice makes him feel calmer, stronger, steadier and more capable. Once we can begin to cultivate love and compassion for ourselves, we extend it more easily to others.

Antoine studied yoga in India for 6 months where he had the opportunity to learn and explore many different yoga styles. This curiosity brought him Sivananda Ashram, in Mysore for Ashtanga and in
Dharamsala for Iyengar. He is currently finishing the Yoga Therapy program at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

He approaches the practice, in all of its manifestations, as a method for investigating the complex question of consciousness that seems to be at the root of all questions. Antoine likes to create an atmosphere of lightness and exploration where we can all laugh, play, practice, and smile. He encourages his students to bring the laughter and sense of play off their mats and back into their lives.

Antoine offers yoga for specific sports like runners, cyclists and climbers

He also offers yoga therapy for rehabilitation from postural issues
to recover from tendinitis.

He travels all around the province to offer his yoga therapy workshop:

  • Heart opener for the unfolding of the upper body.
  • Hip opener for the grounding of the lower body.
  • Yoga therapy for the release of the lower back and engagement.
  • Anatomy and therapeutic alignment for adjustments.

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