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SAVE TIME looking for a personal trainer in Montreal, West Island, Laval or Gatineau and contact Santé Active. We will find the personal trainer that suits your needs best. We will help you save time because you will no longer need to travel for your fitness sessions. Our personal trainers will travel to the destination of your choice for fun and effective workouts. Whether you have equipment or not, we are able to offer the same superior quality of services that will help you achieve your goals. They will bring with them the necessary equipment and their expertise to help you get results and live a healthy life. Get your workouts at home or the location that is more convenient for you.

With our team of personal trainers you are guaranteed to receive the services of a qualified personal trainer who will motivate and help you achieve your fitness goals. For safe, effective exercise programs and motivating workouts contact us.

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Personal trainer Ottawa Gatineau Marie-Chantal

Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa - Gatineau

An award winning and an inspiring bilingual fitness professional,

Marie-Chantal has more than 15 years of experience working in the fitness
industry and has worked at several different organizations all over the National Capital Region. She is a Certified Personal Trainer in Ottawa and Certified Group Fitness Instructor with Can-Fit-Pro.

Personal trainer aqua-fitness Montreal Hendrica

Save time and find your personal trainer and aqua-fitness instructor in Montreal

I have 12 years experience working in health and wellness specializing in Aquatic Fitness.

Whether starting a fitness program, maintaining fitness levels or training for performance, the pool is a comfortable yet challenging venue to meet your training needs. All components of fitness are trained through aquatic exercise. Cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and coordination can all be enhanced with the challenge of aquatic resistance.

Home Personal Trainer Westmount, Outremont, Nun's Island

Find a personal trainer in Montreal, Outremont, Westmount & Nuns' Island 

Benoit, a personal trainer with over 25 years of experience in the fitness and health industry specializes in weight loss, physical and muscular training, obesity and optimal health. He continues to improve his knowledge in these areas to make sure you live superior results. 

Personal trainer Montreal Sarah

Save time and find your personal trainer & Zumba Instructor in Montreal

  • Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer Montreal
  • Certified Group class Fitness Instructor : bootcamp, yoga, aerobics 
  • Certified Zumba Instructor (Zumba Fitness) Montreal

For 15 years, throughout my experience, I have :

Personal Trainer - Laval & North Shore - Valérie

Save time and find a personal trainer in Laval

Do you want to loose weight? To get in shape? To get prepared for a competition? To simply feel good? To increase your self-esteem? To increase your cardiovascular endurance or muscle mass?

Kinesiologist personal trainer Montreal Jules

Save time and find a kinesiologist & personal trainer in Montreal

I would like to submit my candidacy to you and becoming your next personal trainer in Montreal. I am completing my master in program Evaluation and already hold a B.Sc in Kinésiology from Université of Moncton.

Personal trainer Montreal Moeen

Save time and find your personal trainer in Montreal 

Moeen has always surrounded himself with sports and physical activities throughout his life. After years of training and becoming familiar with maximizing exercise techniques with minimal equipment, Moeen decided to go for his certification as a personal trainer.

Personal trainer Montreal Gabriel

Save time and find your personal trainer in Montreal

Personal Trainer in Cardio / Boxing Coach Export certification level 1 in weights, C.E.P professional private personal trainer in Montreal. Over 10 years of experience in amateur boxing and more than 2 years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in Montreal.

Personal Trainer West Island Montreal - Melissa

Save time, find your personal trainer in West Island and Montreal

I'm a personal trainer in Montreal that works and live in the West Island - Montreal. I offer my services in gyms and at home for individual or small group (10 or less) training sessions. I've been a certified personal trainer for the past seven years and a nutritional advisor for the past two years. My approach to a healthy lifestyle is global and gradual.

Personal Trainer Montreal West Island Olga

Find your personal trainer in West Island and Montreal

A dedicated certified personal trainer in Montreal for all your fitness needs, Olga conducts customized programs for functional fitness, weight loss, fitness boot camps, muscle building and recreational therapy.

Olga has a bachelor degree in physical education from her native country of Russia, as well as certification degree in Personal Training from TAV College in Montreal.

Personal Trainer for Women in Montreal Longueuil

Save time and find your personal trainer in Montreal & Longueuil

What’s important to understand, is that training doesn’t have to take a lot of time to get the health benefits and the results expected. Consistency, intensity and having fun are the key elements!

I prefer circuit training, which combines weight training to cardiovascular endurance. This way, you get maximum results in minimum time. I am also specialized in long distance running and nutrition counseling.

Personal Trainer Montreal West Island - Cathy

Find a personal trainer, yoga & Pilates teacher in West Island and Montreal

Cathy was always involved in some form of physical activity. Her greatest passion is dance.  Having taken several different types of dance classes for many years, she realized that it came very handy when she became interested in Yoga (since 1996) and Pilates (since 2001), as they both help improve flexibility, strength, co-ordination, balance and posture. Her dedication and thorough explanations really reflect how passionate she is about teaching fitness.

Personal Trainer Laval Montreal - Martine

Find a personal trainer or a Zumba Intructor in Montreal & Laval

My name is Martine and I am a personal trainer and a Zumba Instructor.  I have been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years now.  I have several certifications.  I am certified in the following areas:  Piloxing, Qi-Dance, Zumba Fitness and Toning, Koga Fitness, Kickboxing, Spinning, Pilates, Essentrics,  Jin-Pin Yoga (love of body balance).

Personal Trainer Montreal West Island Maher

Find a personal trainer in Pierrefonds, West Island and Montreal

Do you want to be FIT & HEALTHY for a better quality of life and you have no idea how to get there? 

Maher has been a certified Personal Trainer in Montreal for about 10 years now. With certifications from Canadian Fitness Professional, YMCA, SPI and Matrix, he has been training clients and leading them to a healthier over all wellbeing.

Personal Trainer at your Home or Workplace in Ottawa

Save time and find a personal trainer in Gatineau & Ottawa

Born in France, father of 4  active children, and a passion for sports, my goal is to train and motivate people so that they can bring out the best in themselves. 

Personal Trainer in Ottawa and Gatineau

Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau

My name is Kelly, and I have been teaching in the fitness industry for ten years. I have a Bachelor of Kinesiology, Specialization in Health and Fitness from Acadia University and am currently enrolled at Algonquin College in their Early Childhood Education Intensive Program.   I am certified through Can Fit Pro for Group Exercise and Personal Training as well as first aid and CPR + AED certified through the Red Cross.

Personal Trainer Ottawa Training with Patrick

Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau

Patrick has graduated from Fitness and Health Promotion at Algonquin College.  He has obtained his certification in CSEP, YMCA personal training, and First Aid.  Patrick is an endurance cyclist and has cycled across Canada.  He also enjoys swimming and cross country skiing.  His lifetime devotion to sport and to resistance training has made him an expert and a professional in the field of personal training.

Personal Training with Katyana in Laval

Save time and find your personal trainer in Laval & North Shore

I am a Canfitpro certified Personal Trainer and a Canfitpro certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist with a passion for helping people make healthy lifestyle changes and achieve their fitness goals. I have been working in the health and fitness industry for the past 2 years, ever since I realized that my calling in life is to help others lead a balanced life that includes regular physical activity, proper nutrition, and an understanding of the importance of self-love. 

Personal Trainer Ottawa - Gatineau - Véronique

Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau

V​éronique is a ​bilingual ​Certified Personal Trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau, Sports Nutritionist, Conditioning Coach, Suspension Trainer and Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist. She's also a ​cover​ fitness model, an avid published ​columnist and an active athlete.

Some of her specializations include: Strength Training, HIIT Training, Kettlebells, BOSU, Suspension Training and Fat Loss. 

Personal Trainer Montreal

Find a personal trainer in Westmount, Hampstead and Montreal

I specializes in functional training and athletic conditioning. I also have a solid background in boxing. I believe very strongly in coaching people to feel, not just see, the benefits of exercise. For me, looking good is a side-effects of a well-designed workout program. The real prize, however, is living in a really fit body, one that moves around easily, one that is flexible and strong, nimble and swift and enduringly powerful.

Personal Trainer Ottawa - Gatineau

Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa or Gatineau 

Daniel is an experienced CSEP-CPT personal trainer.  His objective as a trainer is to connect with his clients on a personal basis to find a way to help them with their goals, and achieve success through a holistic approach.  Daniel's fitness lifestyle started while he was playing sports during his upbringing. His philsophy expanded when he was more interested in the body, it's mechanics and how everything works.

Mélanie Personal Trainer Ottawa - Gatineau

Are you are looking for personal trainer in Ottawa - Gatineau

For an experienced motivator and fitness made fun at your home or gym

“I believe that every goal is attainable with the right tools and motivation. I can provide those tools and motivation, you provide the goals and together we will achieve them.”

Ottawa & Gatineau Personal Training

Find a personal trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau 

A Can-Fit-Pro personal trainer, Lionel has trained in competitive sports and athletics for over a decade. After leaving competitive tennis, Lionel began competing successfully and training clients in dancesport, a discipline that requires a high degree aerobic, anaerobic and muscular fitness. Intelligent sports-specific training gave him the edge over other competitors.

Jordan Personal Trainer Ottawa

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Ottawa or Gatineau?

In addition to being a Certified Trainer with CANFITPRO, I am also a graduate from Carleton University with a Bachelors of Arts degree. I am CPR certified. I am an expert in weight management, muscle movement and sports plyometrics. Growing up playing competitive sports such as basketball and soccer, I now coach high school basketball; running drills and designing workouts for individuals on the team.

Personal Trainer Ottawa and Gatineau

Save Time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa and Gatineau

Karolyne is a bilingual personal trainer and group fitness instructor that has always been passionate about health. Her objective is to work with clients closely to achieve balance in lifestyle and to reach SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) fitness goals. She creates individualized exercise plans that include cardio, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. She can adapt exercises accordingly for injuries.

Personal Trainer Ottawa Gatineau Paul B

Save time and find a personal trainer  in Ottawa & Gatineau

I was always very active and played many sports but training to be a healthier and better athlete only hit me about 10 years ago when I witnessed a close family member getting sick. This is why I chose to put health at the top of my list. Like many personal trainers I started with strength training and cardio workouts.

BodyART Classes at  your workplace in Montreal

For BodyARt at your workplace or private BodyARt classes in Montreal

Julie is a BodyART instructor. She is from the 2nd cohort of BodyART instructors in Quebec and is passionate about training and exercising. Over the last 20 years, she has always exercised and participated in various classes, from step to kickboxing, intervalls training to zumba. She likes some more than others but she tried them all!

Personal Trainer in Montreal and Laval - Bassam

For a personal trainer in Laval or Montreal at your home or workplace

Bassam born and raised in Anfe/ Lebanon, since early childhood passionate about  sports and physical activities which lead to a major in physical education at the university of Balamand ( Lebanon),graduated in 2002 with a BA in Physical Education. A journey full of challenges started, getting a job in the field was quite difficult but then after doing the military service (served as a personal trainer at the military central club 2003) many opportunities came along.

Kinesiologist & personal Trainer in Montréal - In home and Corporate

Find a kinesiologist and personal trainer in Montreal

Kinesiologist, trainer, athlete and yoga teacher, I am passionate by physical activity and its benefits on wellbeing. Above the recommendations, my primary objective is to elaborate with you a physical activity practice that make you feel good at the time you practice it.

Personal Trainer and Kinesiologist in Laval and North Shore

For a Personal Trainer and Kinesiologist in Laval and North Shore 

Let me introduce myself.  I am offering my services as a practitioner in global health. I have twenty five years of experience in this practice.
I have obtained certifications in Target Training, Postural Rehabilitation as well as in Kinesiology.
Personal Trainer Montreal & West Island

For in-home personal training or corporate fitness in Montreal and West Island

With a degree in kinesiology from McGill University (2005), and over 10 years of fitness instruction (Tai Chi, Gymnastics, Motor Skills, etc.), personal training and exercise know-how (running, judo, etc.), I can help you reach your goal of a fitter, more energetic, and healthier physique. Whether it be weights at the gym or home, elastics, exercise ball or anything else you have to work – even just your body! – It’s absolutely possible!

Personal Trainer Ottawa & Gatineau

For a personal trainer in Ottawa and Gatineau 

To be honest I've never had a past too much linked to fitness and sport. I've discovered my passion right after my arrival in Montreal, about 7 years ago. Hence I've decided to make this my full time career. With the right mindset and discipline, everything is possible!

Corporate and In-home personal training Montreal

For a personal trainer at your workplace or at your home in Montreal

Andrea started in the world of sports when she was 16 years old, especially in Lifting weights at the gym. A lover of physical activity, passionate about bodybuilding competitions and also competitive athlete of bikini fitness.