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Yes! We can help you find an in-home personal trainer in Toronto that suits your needs. We know life can be hectic in Toronto and our local team of personal trainers knows it well, they are from YOUR area and know your reality. With our personal training service, anything is possible: want to train near the beach? In the comfort of your home? At lunch time near or at your work location? We can help you find the right in-home fitness trainer for you.

If you are looking for an in-home personal trainer in Toronto 

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Our team of in-home personal trainers in Toronto is here FOR YOU! We can bring all the necessary equipment, fuel you up with efficient exercises, motivate you, create a playlist personalized to get you moving, tell us what you need and we'll make it happen. If you are looking for a fitness personal trainer in Toronto or in its suburbs Santé Active can help you find the trainer that suits your needs. Because we have a team of personal trainers in Toronto we will surely be able to meet with your busy schedule and your needs. We can also build for you a training program you can follow by yourself

Contact us today to make your fitness dreams come true! For safe, effective exercise programs and motivating workouts with our team fitness professionals, you are guaranteed to receive the services of a qualified and certified fitness trainer who will motivate and help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Personal Trainer in Toronto and GTA



  • Personal trainer Toronto Anna

    Save time and find your personal trainer or Zumba Instructor in Toronto

    I have been in the fitness industry for over 18 years and love to be a personal trainer.  I enjoy sharing my passion for health and fitness with anyone who is ready and willing to change their lives for the better.  Group exercise and personal training are my specialities.  My inspiration comes from the smiles on people's faces when they start to see the changes happening to their bodies and feeling better about themselves from the inside out.  One . Read more

  • Personal trainer Toronto (GTA) Marc

    Save time and find your personal trainer in Toronto

    Certified Personal Trainer in Toronto available to improve your health and fitness both short and long term. University educated - mature, competent, like able and trustworthy. Former elite athlete with a passion for health, fitness and sports sincerely desires as your personal trainer to improve your situation. Speaks English, Italian and French.

    . Read more

  • Personal trainer Toronto (GTA) Andrea

    Are you looking for a personal trainer in Toronto?

    Andrea Roa teaches Muay Thai Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Spinning®, Kettlebell, TRX® in addition to be a Personal Trainer iand Wellness Coach in Toronto 7 days a week! Andrea was introduced to cycling by her father when she was 14, and so began her passion for fitness. Since then, her passion for health and a demanding training regiment has been growing, opening her to new and unique physical activities.  Her dedication for fitness resulted in . Read more

  • Personal trainer Toronto (GTA) Tim

    Save time and find your personal trainer in Toronto

    My mission in  is to help others succeed while achieving what was never thought possible.  This is what gives meaning to my life.  My passion is personal health and fitness.  As a personal trainer in Toronto I combine my passion and my life mission; training is much more than just a job for me.  Training is a way of life.

    I have been involved in the fitness industry for the past 10 years and am certified through Canadian Fitness Professionals.  I have an . Read more

  • Personal trainer Guelph Alisha

    Save time and find your personal trainer in Guelph

    Alisha is knowledgeable, passionate and fun personal trainer and coach – focusing on the client and the best route of success for each individual. Workouts are based on functional training, infused with influences from martial arts, boxing and yoga; using a holistic approach to help and heal.

    She has been an avid sport and exercise participant for most of her life. A debilitating accident in 2005 put everything on hold. Clawing back from the accident and dealing with several related . Read more

  • Personal trainer Toronto (GTA) Mohamed

    Save time and find your personal trainer in Toronto

    I have graduated from Ryerson University’s Bachelor of Science program- Major in Biology/Minor in Psychology, a certified Personal Trainer in Toronto from Canada’s leading personal training certification, CANFITPRO and a Volunteer at Toronto Rehab helping rehabilitate stroke and Acquired brain injury patients(ABI).

    My passion to promote and practice a healthy and active life style began in first year when I was introduced to the RAC-Ryerson Athletic Center. I did my first bicep curl with . Read more

  • Kinesiologist personal trainer Toronto (GTA) Rudi

    Are you looking for a personal trainer & Kinesiologist in Toronto

    Rudi has been in the fitness industry since 2007. His passions in the fitness industry stem from helping others achieve their fitness goals. The gratification of helping one reach their fitness goals is the greatest reward in the world. Rudi is a certified personal trainer in Toronto under the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologist, and has completed his Bachelor degree of Arts Specialize Honors in Kinesiology. Rudi has an extensive knowledge in rehabilitation, and is . Read more

  • Personal Trainer in North York  Mississauga Brampton Toronto Scarborough Markham, Richmond Hill.

    Save time and find your personal trainer in Toronto

    Jonathan is a firm believer that “there are no limits only plateaus (Bruce Lee).” He brings an eccentric style of training that will shock the body with something different. Whether your goal is to lose weight, shape and define, or to promote muscle growth, Jonathan is proficient to train specifically to your fitness goals.

    Jonathan is currently studying Kinesiology at York University but is also a Personal Trainer in North York  Mississauga . Read more

  • Toronto Personal Trainer - Zeena

    Are you looking for a personal trainer in Toronto

    Zeena has been enthusiastic about movement from a very young age. After completing her degree in the Dance program at York University in Toronto, she moved to Montreal to continue her training as a professional contemporary dancer at L’école de danse contemporaine. Zeena has since developed a strong sense of athleticism, artistry, technique, body awareness and movement.

    Zeena is a dynamic and enthusiastic trainer who will motivate you toward achieving your goals. She will provide you with . Read more

  • Fitness Trainer Toronto - Allan

    If you are looking for a personal trainer in Toronto

    With over a decade of experience in the fitness world, Allan has mastered  the art of body, mind, and life  transformation.

    Allan believes that achieving your goals is not just about an hour on the gym floor, but rather its a holistic approach.

    Eating breathing and living the life style, Allan has become able to over come his genetic barriers and shed that skinny guy image gaining 50lbs in less than 8 years

  • Corporate Fitness Instructor Toronto - Leena

    For a fitness or Zumba instructor at your workplace in Toronto

    I had a passion for fitness since I was very young, been in gymnastics in high school and have practiced many sports. I'm very friendly, energetic, enthusiastic, helpful and humble.

    I love to share my experience, energy and help to others so they can achieve their goals. 

    I am a certified Group Fitness, Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates and Yoga instructor, a strength trainer, with over 3 years of experience.

    My goal is to help my clients to stay fit, healthy and . Read more

  • Personal Trainer for Workplace Fitness or In-Home Fitness Toronto

    For a personal trainer at your home or workplace in Toronto

    Born and raised in Brazil, I am knowledgeable and energetic private Personal Trainer for over 7 years. Since years I developed a passion for sports, health, and physical exercise. Those three life passions combined, motivated me to get enrolled in a four years Bachelor Degree of Physical Education.

    My most relevant experience comes from working as a personal instructor where I was instrumental in performing fitness assessments including body fat composition, strength, flexibility . Read more

  • Toronto Personal Trainer - Janice

    Save time looking for a personal trainer in Toronto

    As a personal trainer and psychologist, Janice helps you take care of your mind and body in a compassionate yet effective manner.

    Having been 30 pounds overweight during university, Janice knows how hard it can be to adopt healthy habits and how confusing all the information out there can be.

    Janice became very committed to being healthy, studied everything she could on fitness and nutrition and eventually became certified as a personal trainer. With a diploma in personal nutrition, . Read more

  • In-Home Personal Training Toronto

    If you are looking for a personal trainer in Toronto

    Coaching is Josh's passion. He promotes his comprehensive health habits that have been honed by over 20 years in competitive athletics, swimming, dance, and martial arts. Qualified as a CPTN certified personal trainer, an NCCP swimming coach, and a Precision Nutrition counsellor he has worked in the fields of physical fitness, occupational safety education, nutrition, rehabilitation and aquatic therapy, and health promotion since 2009.

    His clients of all ages, including athletes, exercise . Read more

  • In-home and Corporate Personal Trainer Toronto

    For a personal trainer at home or your workplace in Toronto

    I am a personal trainer with over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry.  My passion is health and fitness and I strongly believe in the necessity for an active lifestyle, encompassing a balance for all the compulsory components of fitness.  Over the years, it has given me great satisfaction to pass along my existing knowledge and enthusiasm with the highest standard of service, safety and professionalism to those wanting to adopt a lifestyle of physical and mental . Read more

  • Toronto Corporate and In-Home Fitness

    Are you looking for a fitness instructor or a Pilates instructor in Toronto for your home or workplace 

    Gabriela is a certified fitness instructor and Pilates instructor in Toronto.  She has been helping others through Pilates, stretching and dance for many years.

    She began teaching pilates at the young age of 19 and it has helped her and her clients gain strength, flexibility, and balance, which improved their sense of well-being and health. Gabriela also has more than 10 years of . Read more

  • Personal Trainer Brampton and Toronto

    For a personal trainer in Brampton and Toronto

    I became a trainer because I enjoy helping others archive there goals. In my 15 years of gym experience I learned the best methods that get quickest results and I want to share my knowledge and experience with my clients. It is very important to me that my clients are consistently progressing and are reaching results that they are looking for. 

    I have been very passionate about fitness since a very young age. I joined a gym at the age of 16 and since then fitness became my life style. . Read more

  • Personal Trainer for Seniors in Toronto

    If you are looking for a personal trainer for seniors in Toronto

    I attended the triOS college in Scarborough where I did my diploma (s) in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant. After graduating in March 2014 I started working as a Personal Trainer for seniors, this entails counseling and some Administrative aspect as well. Occasionally, I have act as a relief PTA for Achieva Health. I travel to various sites and location teaching strengthening exercises and stretches to seniors. This was very natural to me as I was always in the gym . Read more

  • In-home Personal Trainer Toronto

    Save time and find your personal trainer in Toronto

    Eric is a personal trainer in Toronto and after his master's degree in physical education and sports in 2001, Eric began teaching in the high school and colleges in Ivory Coast.

    In 2005, he obtained a Certificate of Deepening of Biomechanical Knowledge and a Master's Degree in Psychology the following year. He will, therefore, be admitted to teaching at the National Institute of Youth Sports.

    The passion for sports, the practice of physical activities and the well-being of others . Read more

  • If you need a personal trainer and you live in Toronto

    Find your personal trainer in Toronto

    Let us help you find your personal trainer in Toronto. Hi, my name is Keith and am an in-home personal trainer in GTA.  For me, fitness and wellness are not just a profession for me it is a lifestyle--God-given way of life.  I have over three years experience, of personal and small group training, health/life coaching, and consulting.  Certified in Bodyweight, Suspension (TRX), and Personal Fitness Training, and online personal training As well as Health Coaching (UDemy).  . Read more

  •  kinesiologist and personal trainer in Toronto or North York

    Are you looking for a kinesiologist and personal trainer in Toronto or North York

    Let us introduce you to our kinesiologist and personal trainer in Toronto or North York.  Dimitri is an R.Kin that focuses on client interaction and goal setting to help push through plateaus. A university graduate with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology, Dimitri combines his knowledge with practical experience to create an environment the clients look forward to.

    He started off in the world of rehabilitation working with a team of physiotherapists, . Read more

  • Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer in Toronto

    Are you looking for a personal trainer in Toronto?  

    Let us introduce you to Nick our personal trainer in Toronto.  Ever since the age of 10, Nick has been actively participating in sports and has always had a keen passion for fitness development and nutrition. Growing up in Montreal, Nick started off by playing high-level hockey where he captained and led his team towards a championship season and walked away with the MVP and Sportsmanship . Read more

  • Personal trainer and Kinesiologist Scarborough

    Are you looking for an in home personal trainer in Scarborough or Oshawa?

    Let us introduce you to our in-home personal trainer and kinesiologist who can travel to Scarborough and Oshawa and even Whitby. She has over 15 years in the Fitness Industry I have had many opportunities to help make differences in the lives of others through Personal Training, Group Exercise Classes (postnatal, seniors low impact classes, Zumba, stability ball, kettlebell and free weights) as well as, Team Training.  I have also had the opportunity to work in . Read more