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With Santé Active and our team of in-home personal trainers in Ottawa / Gatineau, your dreams of a fit, active, energetic body are within reach. Your desired lifestyle awaits you. Wherever location you want to train, outdoors, home, gym, office or other. Our personal training service will help you save time because you will no longer need to travel for your fitness sessions. We will find a qualified personal trainer in the Ottawa or Gatineau region that suits your needs best. It's that simple!


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Our passion is helping you reach your goals and optimise your quality of life. Whether you have the equipment or not, we are able to offer the same superior quality of services that will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. They will bring with them the necessary equipment and their expertise to help you get results and live a healthy life. Fitness sessions with one of our personal trainer in Ottawa are an appointment with your success to create or maintain fitness habits. They will help and motivate you so you can stay fit and keep doing your workouts regularly and being more active. They will teach you simple and easy tricks to insert into your daily routine.

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In-Home Personal Trainer Ottawa and Gatineau

Personal Trainer Ottawa, Gatineau - Marie Chantal

Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa - Gatineau

An award winning and an inspiring bilingual fitness professional,

Marie-Chantal has more than 15 years of experience working in the fitness
industry and has worked at several different organizations all over the National Capital Region. She is a Certified Personal Trainer in Ottawa and Certified Group Fitness Instructor with Can-Fit-Pro.

Marie-Chantal has extensive knowledge and experience in TRX training, Kettlebell Exercise, Power Stretch Workout, Yoga Fit and Pilates. She is specialized in determining the safest and most effective

Personal Trainer Ottawa & Gatineau - Matt

Save time and find a personal trainer in Ottawa

  • Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer Specialist Ottawa - Gatineau

  • Sport Performance Institute-Level 2-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

  • National Personal Training Academy-Scientific Program Design
  • Athletics and Wellness-TRX and Kettle Bell Fusion.
  • Paramedic Service-Standard First Aid/CPR/AED


  • 12 years personal experience training a variety of clientele with goals which include: fat loss, strength,  endurance, bodybuilding, injury prevention and balance/symmetry
  • Experience with proper form, posture, technique and tempo of exercise
  • Experience

Personal Trainer in Ottawa - Kelly

Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau

My name is Kelly, and I have been teaching in the fitness industry for ten years. I have a Bachelor of Kinesiology, Specialization in Health and Fitness from Acadia University and am currently enrolled at Algonquin College in their Early Childhood Education Intensive Program.   I am certified through Can Fit Pro for Group Exercise and Personal Training as well as first aid and CPR + AED certified through the Red Cross. My certifications and my degree give me a deep understanding of exercise physiology and sport psychology to work

Personal Trainer Ottawa & Gatineau - Patrick

Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau

Patrick has graduated from Fitness and Health Promotion at Algonquin College.  He has obtained his certification in CSEP, YMCA personal training, and First Aid.  Patrick is an endurance cyclist and has cycled across Canada.  He also enjoys swimming and cross country skiing.  His lifetime devotion to sport and to resistance training has made him an expert and a professional in the field of personal training. From strength building and endurance training to a full-body workout, Patrick's knowledge and attention for detail gets

Personal Trainer Ottawa & Gatineau - Véronique

Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau

V​éronique is a ​bilingual ​Certified Personal Trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau, Sports Nutritionist, Conditioning Coach, Suspension Trainer and Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist. She's also a ​cover​ fitness model, an avid published ​columnist and an active athlete.

Some of her specializations include: Strength Training, HIIT Training, Kettlebells, BOSU, Suspension Training and Fat Loss. 

While always seeking to contribute and work with others passionate in the Health & Fitness Industry, ​ she is continually updating her education and

Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer Ottawa & Gatineau - Chelsey

Save time and find a kinesiologist & personal trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau

Chelsey has an extensive background working in the health and fitness industry. Chelsey's passion for fitness started young, as she grew up as a competitive dancer. Chelsey studied and taught dance for numerous years. She then continued to pursue her interest in human movement and exercise through her studies at the University of Regina.  Chelsey graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2010. 

Since graduating, Chelsey has worked in many areas of the fitness industry, including but not limited to both personal and


Save time and find your personal trainer in Ottawa or Gatineau 

Daniel is an experienced CSEP-CPT personal trainer.  His objective as a trainer is to connect with his clients on a personal basis to find a way to help them with their goals, and achieve success through a holistic approach.  Daniel's fitness lifestyle started while he was playing sports during his upbringing. His philsophy expanded when he was more interested in the body, it's mechanics and how everything works. From this interest he started reading many books on nutrition, sports related fitness training and also psycology to

Personal Trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau - Mélanie

Are you are looking for personal trainer in Ottawa - Gatineau

For an experienced motivator and fitness made fun at your home or gym

“I believe that every goal is attainable with the right tools and motivation. I can provide those tools and motivation, you provide the goals and together we will achieve them.”

A Can-Fit-Pro personal trainer, Melanie Bussiere has trained in competitive sports and athletics for over a decade. After retiring from competitive wresting, she began successfully competing and training clients in ballroom and latin dancesport. Accurate and intelligent sport-specific

Personal Trainer Ottawa & Gatineau - Lionel

Find a personal trainer in Ottawa & Gatineau 

A Can-Fit-Pro personal trainer, Lionel has trained in competitive sports and athletics for over a decade. After leaving competitive tennis, Lionel began competing successfully and training clients in dancesport, a discipline that requires a high degree aerobic, anaerobic and muscular fitness. Intelligent sports-specific training gave him the edge over other competitors.

Lionel’s knowledge and experience in the various training disciplines for performance, as a result, is extensive. Lionel trains clients for sport-specific goals in addition to

Personal Trainer Ottawa- Gatineau - Jordan

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Ottawa or Gatineau?

In addition to being a Certified Trainer with CANFITPRO, I am also a graduate from Carleton University with a Bachelors of Arts degree. I am CPR certified. I am an expert in weight management, muscle movement and sports plyometrics. Growing up playing competitive sports such as basketball and soccer, I now coach high school basketball; running drills and designing workouts for individuals on the team. I have also run basketball camps for over 5 years, teaching not only the technicality of the game but also the importance of being