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In-Home Osteopathy Hamilton Niagara Falls Toronto

For in-home osteopathic treatments in Toronto • Hamilton • Niagara Falls

  • BSc,D.O.M.P,M.L.T,DH Osteopath
  • Registered with the Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association
  • Registered with the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists
  • Certified by the NDHCB

I am a graduate of the National Academy of Osteopathy at Lakehead University. I have worked in healthcare for over twenty years, initially as a medical technologist and microbiologist. Then I worked and taught in the dental health field. 

I gained experience in the fitness industry as an assistant manager in a large fitness corporation. I have enhanced my knowledge of how a person’s medical / dental issues can impact the ability of the body to move freely and exercise efficiently. I am very involved in occupational osteopathy; I am a workplace consultant in ergonomics and rehabilitation for employees where my focus is repetitive strain injuries. 

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