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Yoga Instructor - Workplace - Calgary - Mylan

For Corporate Yoga, In-Home Private Yoga in Calgary

My journey with yoga began in 1997 after relocating to Vancouver. The new change to a new city and life profoundly open my eyes to set a number of goals, including self –development growth and health.

The goals were learning how to slow down my high energy level, calming my mind and gaining flexibility for my body. What I did not realize then; that these goals would eventually inspired me to become a yoga teacher today.

Yoga & Meditation classes - Workplace - Montreal - Soham

For corporate yoga, yoga for seniors or private yoga classes at home in Montreal 

Soham, born and brought up in India, has a master degree in science and has worked as a scientist in different health care organizations in Canada. He received his yoga training at Yoga Niketan Sir Sayajirao Institute of Research in India and has shared his yoga journey since 1992. Soham planted his yoga roots in early childhood but his true practice came while regularly practicing yoga with his girl friend.

Yoga lessons Workplace Calgary - Pradip

For corporate yoga, yoga at your home in Calgary

I have been practicing Yoga from teen age. I am originally from INDIA, the country of Yoga. I am Hindu Brahmin, the cast and the ancestors which are famous for yoga. I learned Yoga from Ashrams, (Sanskrit Language word- Still all names of YOGA postures are pronounced in this ancient Language) like Arvindo Ashram and attended various camps of Yoga and Pranayam. I have extensive knowledge of teaching Yoga.

Workplace Yoga Classes  Toronto - Shani

For yoga at your home or yoga classes for seniors in Toronto

Yoga for me is a way of life

Since my early childhood I found peace in movement and philosophy. I’ve been practicing meditation more than 12 years. I learned different styles of martial arts and yoga. I earned a BA in business administration and sociology/anthropology.  After exploring different aspects of life I finally let myself embark on the path of YOGA.

Workplace Yoga Instructor Ottawa Gatineau

For corporate yoga, yoga classes at your school or for seniors in Ottawa & Gatineau

I have been practicing Yoga seriously since my 1st year of College, 7 years ago now, when I started classes at a great local Sivananda Yoga studio.  This is a worldwide reputed stream of Hatha Yoga developed by the Indian Swami Sivananda and brought to the West by his student Swami Vishnudevananda. Practicing Yoga regularly and traveling to different wellness and natural health retreat centers had a profound positive impact on my h

Corporate Yoga Instructor Montreal

For corporate yoga classes in Montreal or yoga at your home 

Jenny has explored her creativity within her first profession as a Graphic Designer. She fell in Love with yoga during a corporate yoga class where she used to work. In 2011 she became a freelancer and then she started her training in 2012 to become a Hatha Yoga teacher to fulfill her passion for yoga. She aims to inspire and share her knowlegde with her students in bringing equilibrium in their lives and taking care of their bodies & soul. 

Therapeutic Yoga Montreal Laval Longueuil

For therapeutic Yoga at your workplace or at home 

Antoine has always been looking for deep and meaningful experiences in life to grow. His spiritual journey took him through a variety of experiences before finding yoga as a discipline. He cycled on his own through continents for years that took him from the highest pass of Tibet all the way back to the roots of his home in Quebec.

Ottawa Gatineau Yoga Corporate or Private Classes

For yoga at your workplace or yoga classes for seniors in Ottawa & Gatineau

Tania knew she wanted to become a yoga teacher after experiencing her first yoga class. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade. She is a certified Hatha, Kundalini and Children’s yoga teacher.  

Yoga Classes Montreal for Corporations

For yoga classes at your workplace or yoga for seniors in Montreal

After beginning a master’s program at McGill University six years into her psychology studies, Chagit followed her heart to Mexico in March of 2013 to become an RYT 200. Once home from the training that changed her life, she sought out a therapeutic modality that married her love of navigating the mind’s inner workings, and her reverence of yoga’s ability to promote healing on an embodied level.

Montreal West Island Yoga Instructor - Corporate & Private Yoga Classes

For corporate Yoga, private group Yoga classes or yoga for seniors in Montreal 

Bassem is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with the International Sivananda Yoga Ashram.

Corporate & Workplace Yoga Toronto - Morgen

For Yoga in the Workplace, private group yoga classes or yoga for seniors in Toronto 

Morgen teaches corporate, group and private lessons with the belief that everyone should enjoy the benefits of Yoga.  She teaches with a fresh, modern approach.

Yoga Toronto - Mila Yoga Teacher

For corporate yoga or yoga classes for seniors in Toronto

I love yoga. I am very passionate about yoga and meditation, and especially the benefits we get when we tune our awareness internally. I grew up in an Indian family where I learned from an early age how to access my own inner pharmacy. In other words, I learned that we all have the power within to heal our bodies.

Corporate Yoga Teacher Toronto

For yoga in the workplace, at home & retirement residences in Toronto

Meredith embodies a genuine love for movement and physicality and believes that connection to ourselves in Gratitude is of upmost importance.  When we connect to our bodies through movement, we are able to access something much deeper.  Developing a caring and compassionate relationship with Self is the basis with which we are able to connect authentically with others and the World. 

Yoga Teacher in Toronto - Workplace Yoga

For yoga in the workplace, at home and for seniors retirement residences in Toronto

I found my passion for yoga while living and studying in Toronto back in 2005.

Workplace Corporate Yoga Teacher Toronto

For yoga at work or private yoga classes in Toronto 

I have been practicing yoga for over a decade and since seeing the incredible benefits from my private practice I decided to teach full time in 2010. I teach Iyengar influenced Hatha yoga with a students-come-first approach.

Corporate Yoga Teacher Toronto - Jonathan

For corporate Yoga  at your workplace or private yoga classes in Toronto

Jonathan is a trained and certified Yoga instructor in both the Hatha and Yin Yoga styles. As an instructor Jonathan recognizes the particular needs of each individual student and instructs accordingly to accommodate all body types. In his classes he uses a mixture of yogic styles through which he is able to guide his students towards finding the peace, strength, flexibility and compassion inherent in their being that they can bring into their everyday lives.

Yoga in the workplace Toronto - Irina

For corporate yoga or private yoga classes in Toronto

Irina has been on the Yoga journey for several years trying all kinds of Yoga styles – Hatha, Ashtanga, Zen, Bikram Yoga, and in 2012 she became a Yoga instructor. Having learned both sides of the practice – physical and spiritual, Irina designs her classes accordingly - bringing the meditative part into it and aiming to help students feel happy, at ease and relaxed during and after the class.

Corporate Yoga & Yoga for Seniors Montreal - Nathalie

For corporate yoga or yoga classes for seniors in Montreal 

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. I resided in Vancouver for 5 years while studying acting for Film and Television. I have been training in Yoga for ten years. Before that I was a Gymnast and a Dancer back in my hometown of Abbotsford. I am currently living in Montreal after completing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in February 2014.

Corporate Yoga or Yoga for seniors in Toronto

Looking for corporate yoga or yoga for seniors in Toronto?

There are many types of yoga to practice around Toronto. For example, Bikram yoga as well as Moksha yoga is done in a heated room with 26 and 40 postures respectively. Kundalini Yoga focuses on chakra awakening. Ashtanga yoga includes the series of about 75 poses.

Corporate Yoga Teacher Toronto - Nora

For yoga at your workplace part of your wellness program in Toronto

Nearly twenty years ago I stumbled onto my yoga path walking on Danforth Avenue in Toronto. I was pregnant with my first child and needed some form of movement that was gentle and energizing.  Already a meditator for eight years, I was interested in the relaxation aspect of this ancient art of breath, movement and imagery.  The practice has changed my whole experience in birthing and reformed my life during the years to follow.

Corporate yoga Ottawa and Gatineau

For Corporate Yoga in Ottawa and Gatineau

Karolyne is a bilingual registered yoga teacher that has always been passionate about health and yoga. She is a bilingual Registered Yoga Teacher. Karolyne creates adapted intent-based and themed sequences for clients. She explains and demonstrates the poses and modifies asanas (yoga posture) for all levels and injured and/or pregnant students. Her inspiration comes from seeing her clients’ progress and gain more and more self-esteem and self-confidence.

Corporate Wellness Yoga Montreal - Faye

For corporate yoga in Montreal or Yoga at home

Faye is passionate about wellness, and through yoga she maintains a holistic, sustainable, and balanced approach to life. She started to practice yoga in 2003, and in 2014 she started an Ashtanga yoga teacher training (300 hours YTT) with Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow, along with a yoga therapeutics program (1000 hours YT) at Nada Yoga Studio. In order to increase her knowledge of yoga she has taken a variety of workshops with: Dr.

Yoga in the Workplace Toronto

For corporate yoga, Yoga at home or Yoga for seniors in Toronto

Nancy is a Certified Classical Yoga Teacher trained by practitioners, David Gluck (The Yoga Sanctuary & Sundara Yoga) and Lindy Lewis (The Yoga Sanctuary). She began practicing yoga at a young age and after years of experiencing the benefits of asanas, meditation and mindfulness principles; she realized her dream of guiding others along their transformational path. She has extensive training in ballet; has a Law degree as well as a Social Service Worker Diploma.

Corporate Yoga Toronto Natalie

For yoga classes at home or yoga at your workplace in Toronto

Hello, I am Natalie, a Certified Adult and Kids Yoga Instructor.

Corporate Yoga in the Workplace Toronto

For yoga at your home or workplace as well as classes for seniors in Toronto

For me, yoga is cross training for everyday life.

I have witnessed that unlike other types of cross training exercises, yoga can be done by everybody.   Age, sex and physical or mental limitations can always be accommodated through yoga.   I am a huge believer in the school of thought that there are 7billion ways to get into a yoga pose.  When the next baby on earth is born, there will be 7billion and 1.

Yoga in the Workplace Ottawa

For corporate yoga or yoga classes at your home in Ottawa

Caroline grew-up in Rivière-Loup, Quebec. As a child, she was already enjoying expressing her artistic & sunny personality through diverse forms of arts : painting, music, dance. With her open & soft spirit and her desire to help others, she decided to come to Ottawa to study Philosophy & Social Work. After her graduation from the University of Ottawa School of Social Work, she was a Mental Health Counselor in several organizations of the region for years.

Corporate Yoga Instructor Montreal Anjou

For corporate yoga or yoga classes at your home in Montreal

Anna completed her International Yoga Teacher training in Ancient Hatha Yoga with the Patanjali Yoga Foundation at the mouth of the Himalayan mountain range in Rishikesh, India. She began practicing yoga in a time of her life whereby physical mobility was very limited due to health issues. With practice and dedication to yoga, fitness and mindful nutrition, her health changed drastically and rapidly for the better.

Yoga Classes at your Home or Workplace in Toronto

For Yoga classes at your home or your workplace in Toronto

I provide classical yoga, uniting Hatha yoga and yoga Nidra as well a therapeutic approach. Style is gentle, but still powerful, friendly for all levels, even beginners. For advanced students it provides an opportunity to deepen their practice significantly. It also might be helpful as a complementary treatment for those who are interested in yoga therapy. Classical yoga practice is perfect to relax and feel refreshed after the class.

Corporate Yoga, Yoga at Home Montreal

For corporate yoga, yoga for seniors or private yoga classes at home in Montreal 

Named as one of Montreal’s 2014 top ten yoga teachers in Cult Montreal, Jennifer Kruidbos, 200 YTT, teaches comprehensive alignment-based hatha yoga in studios, hospitals, offices, schools and homes. She is known for her warm demeanour and extensive knowledge which makes her students feel safe, relaxed and at ease.

Montreal Corporate & Home Yoga

We teach yoga in the workplace, yoga for people with special needs & yoga at home in Montreal

Jaime has been teaching yoga to children and to people with special needs of all ages for the last 5 years. With a creative flair, she motivates children as young as two years old to wag their tails in Downward Dog and hiss like a snake in Cobra. For children with physical disabilities, Jaime offers a more hands-on approach so that they are able to get into stretches they may not otherwise be able to do.

Corporate Yoga or Pilates in Montreal

For corporate yoga or Pilates in Montreal

Jacqueline is a bilingual multifaceted instructor and Reiki practitioner with 10 years of coaching experience; she specializes in the following fitness and wellness activities

Corporate & Home Yoga Montreal

Corporate Yoga and home Private Yoga in Montreal

Why is Yoga part of my life? Because I am not a machine, I am a living Organism that needs care and nurturing. My name is Tanya and Yoga has been part of my life for 13 years and I have taught Yoga for 6 years.

Corporate and Private yoga at Home in Montreal and Laval

For corporate yoga or yoga at home in Montreal and Laval

I started doing Yoga 6 years ago when I was a professional athlete at squash, at a time when I was full of injuries and stress. Yoga showed me how to fix my muscle imbalances and keep my body healthy. More importantly though, it taught me how to relax and enjoy myself through hard times, allowing me to be more efficient and focused towards my goals.

Yoga in the workplace or private yoga at home in Montreal and Laval

For Corporate Yoga or In-home private yoga in Montreal and Laval

With a creative and curious nature, Sara has always been searching for new adventures and experiences in order to live life to the fullest! After exploring circus, dance, arts of movement and music Sara has finally found her life passion Yoga!

Yoga Instructor in Montreal - Corporate and home - Marie-Ève

Find a Yoga Instructor in Montreal and West Island

Kinesiologist, trainer, athlete and yoga teacher, I am passionate by physical activity and its benefits on wellbeing. My practice of yoga started during my graduate studies and I discover how it helped me with stress management and my physical and emotional wellbeing.

Private and Corporate Yoga Montreal West Island

For corporate or private yoga classes in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil

My name is Luiza or better known as “Lulu”. I am a purpose coach and yoga teacher where I help individuals transform their lives by helping them find more meaning and purpose in their lives. I help people step away from their fears while stepping in a zone of meaning, self-love and inner happiness. I can also guide people with their eating habits to step into a zone of healthier eating habits that will last long term for healthier and happier lives.

Yoga at work or at home Toronto

For Yoga classes at your workplace or at home in Toronto

Aman began his yoga journey began in 2011, when he joined a studio with the goal of losing weight. As someone who never connected with sports or exercise, it was challenging for him to find a fitness regime that he could stick to. Before long, he realized that yoga is much more than fitness - it is a way of life. This ancient science not only brought physical benefits, but also mental and spiritual ones.

Yoga teacher at your workplace or home in Toronto

For a yoga instructor at your home or your workplace in Toronto (GTA)

I began working in the competitive business world. During the many years that I worked as a sales manager, I realised how important and difficult it is to manage job stress and self-care. I kept a good balance in this competitive environment thanks to my regular yoga practice. The more my passion grew for my practise, the more I wanted to deepen my knowledge of well-being techniques. I did this in Asia where through my personal experiences of traditional medi

Corporate Yoga and Yoga at home Montreal

For yoga classes at home or your workplace in Montreal

Free spirit by nature, dreamer and lover of life, Angela was introduced to yoga about 7 years ago. With degrees in Marketing and graphic design her lifestyle soon became hectic. She soon realized the importance of slowing down and the importance of living in the moment. Yoga became an essential part of her life.  Yoga helped her find more stillness in her life. She was able to connect to her inner self and found love and happiness in her practice.

Corporate and In home Yoga Calgary

For Corporate Yoga, Private Group Yoga and meditation Classes in Calgary

Yoga is the flexibility of mind, body and soul. BKS Iyengar

Corporate and In-Home Yoga Toronto

For corporate yoga or yoga at your home in Toronto

I have graduated from Awaken Love Yoga Training and it made me not only a better teacher, it made me a better person.  I am here to serve those who need/want to get connected with their body and soul.  With happiness and motivation, I will give people tools to change their lives/situations so they can become stronger in mind and body.

Corporate and in-Home Yoga classes Calgary

For corporate or in-home yoga classes 

Born and raised in Mexico City, I moved to Calgary in 2011. 

I have a background in dance. Always drawn to the fitness industry, I have explored a variety of techniques and offerings. Before fully immersing in yoga, I taught Jazzercise and Dailey Method (barre). I occasionally teach mat pilates as well. In yoga, I have trained in vinyassa/flow and yin. I draw from all these disciplines to create classes that meet the student's needs and expectations. 

Toronto Corporate and In-Home Yoga

For a Yoga Instructor, Meditation Facilitator or Conscious Lifestyle Coach in your home or office in Toronto

I am a Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), Meditation Guide and Conscious Lifestyle Coach in Toronto. I am also a self-love-self-care advocate and I strongly feel that in our fast paced way of life, the practices of yoga and meditation are crucial.  These are beneficial and accessible tools for managing stress and optimizing our highest potential. 

Montreal Yoga Corporate and In-Home

For corporate yoga or yoga at your home in Montreal

Working as a sommelier, I discovered this incredible practice, yoga, in 2013. Being a single mom of an 11-month-old boy, rather than falling into sadness and guilt, I decided to take control of my life and become the best mother in the world. Yoga helped me do that and I can now say it has saved my life !! In addition to making me a better mom, I became a better woman, girlfriend, sister and daughter. This practice has become constant in my life.