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Yoga & Meditation classes - Workplace - Montreal - Soham

For corporate yoga, yoga for seniors or private yoga classes at home in Montreal 

Soham, born and brought up in India, has a master degree in science and has worked as a scientist in different health care organizations in Canada. He received his yoga training at Yoga Niketan Sir Sayajirao Institute of Research in India and has shared his yoga journey since 1992. Soham planted his yoga roots in early childhood but his true practice came while regularly practicing yoga with his girl friend. He recommends having a yoga partner to support each other, share, sustain and grow in their practices.

Sharing the gift of yoga and meditation as a teacher brings great joy in Soham’s life. His goal is to safely share the yoga and meditation techniques and to go beyond just physical training to help students open up new spaces in their body, mind and heart and to uplift the community spiritually.

Soham has been pro-active in giving yoga and meditation workshops at different private and government corporations/employers; particularly for team-building events, executive programs, corporate events and HR programs for employees.

Soham has designed seven types of workshops and courses:

  • Soham Foundation
  • Soham Yin
  • Soham Sun Salutations
  • Soham Asthanga Flow
  • Soham Asthanga power
  • Soham Mediation
  • Soham Yin Meditation

Soham Foundation Course:

This course is for all those who wants to start yoga and specifically for seniors. It starts with a short meditation and then follows yin yoga postures using yoga blocks and straps. The course also teaches you how to co-ordinate breath and body movements slowly. This course builds your flexibility by working on your connective tissues and joints.

“Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness: yoga shows the way”

- Swami Vishnudevananda

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