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I have been practicing Yoga from teen age. I am originally from INDIA, the country of Yoga. I am Hindu Brahmin, the cast and the ancestors which are famous for yoga. I learned Yoga from Ashrams, (Sanskrit Language word- Still all names of YOGA postures are pronounced in this ancient Language) like Arvindo Ashram and attended various camps of Yoga and Pranayam. I have extensive knowledge of teaching Yoga.

In ancient time, the holy man (known as Yogi, Rushi, Muni, and Guru) used yoga and pranayam in search of supreme soul SHIV at the bank of holy river Ganga and mountain of Himalaya. YOGA originated in India as a spiritual and physical practise which keeps you healthy and relaxed forever. Moreover, it can rejuvenate the body and mind. It helps not only the internal organ but also develop strong will power. In addition, it is very less expensive and excellent physical exercise.

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