Corporate Personal Trainer for Executives and Employees

Corporate personal trainer for executives and employees in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary

Our team of corporate personal trainers in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary can help your executives and employees to get fit and healthy. With this service, our personal trainers are available to teach on-site private or group training. Does your company have a fitness room? Do your employees or executives have a gym membership? Do they need support and direction in their training? 

Our certified personal trainers can build effective and safe fitness programs customized for them. Our trainers will give your employees or executives the motivation and support they require to achieve their goals. Our team of personal trainers can train your team at the location of their choice.

Our personal trainers are also available to teach group exercise classes such as Tabata, step, low impact aerobics, boxing and muscle conditioning.

  • For women and men
  • 30, 45, or 60 minutes sessions
  • We can make an individual health and fitness assessment for each participant
  • Available for corporate events

For a corporate personal trainer in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal

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Corporate Personal Training for Employees and Executives



Corporate Personal Training