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Corporate and in home mindfulness class in Toronto

Are you looking for a minfulness class at your home or a corporate mindfulness class in Toronto?

I can teach a corporate mindfulness class in Toronto to help employees of your organisation to reduce their stress.  I am also available to teach a mindfulness class at your home. I am a certified Mindfulness trainer and coach in Mindfulness working in both the corporate and public sectors for the past 20 years. After completing a Master's Degree in Psychology, I studied Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program with the internationally renowned teacher of mindfulness Jon Kabat-Zinn.

I have lead classes and retreats in meditation and mindfulness and have worked in Italy, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and now in Canada. 

A large part of my practice has been to pioneer the introduction of mindfulness training programs in stress reduction in the corporate environment in Central America. Many of my clients have been large corporations such as Coca Cola and Volkswagen and I have helped them by teaching risk management of stress in the workplace and using evaluation and monitoring techniques in compliance with European Union Standards and Best Practices.  

I am currently studying at the University of Toronto to obtain my Applied Mindfulness Specialist Certification and at the University of Aberdeen for a Master Degree in Mindfulness.

My classes are useful for those people who need to increase their level of happiness and joy. The mindfulness program is an experiential intervention for people to develop a different relationship to stress and bad emotions. A typical class includes sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, body scan, gentle movements and body-mind awareness exercises. 

For corporate or in-home minfulness class in Toronto

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