Our Corporate Health Services for Your Employees at Your Workplace

We deliver health services to your workplace

Santé Active offers a variety of services to help your employees preserve or regain their health in the comfort of workplace or home. Our multidisciplinary team of health professionals is able to provide your organization with superior quality services that can improve your employee’s health. Our expertise can be beneficial for your organization to help your team to be healthier.
If you cannot find the service you are looking for, contact us and we will find it for you.


Our services are excellent for corporations, community organizations, government employees, or any other group of people. Our services will be adapted to the needs of your team. Whether you are a small, medium, or large company we are passionate about our profession so our services will be directed towards the quality of our health care and helping your employees to improve their health.


When choosing Santé Active you are saving on the time you would take to search for workplace health services while ensuring the quality of our services. We take care of everything while you relax.


Our team is mobile and can travel to your workplace in the greater Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary areas.

Our services are available in the morning, during lunch hours, or any other time that would be convenient for your team.
Call us and we will be delighted to assist your employees reach their optimal health 1-888-923-2448

  • A Nutritionist at your Workplace

    We can promote healthy eating to your workplace in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary & Montreal!

    A poor diet can have a negative impact on health and can also cause deficiencies and chronic diseases. Your employees deserve the best and with this activity they can receive a personalized nutritional plan to help them eat healthier. When you choose this activity your team will receive the perfect diet, created by a nutritionist, based on each person’s needs and goals.

    For weight management, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, sports... Read more

  • Workplace Ergonomics Posture Professionals

    Prevent work related injuries with our office ergonomic assessments in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal

    If you want to prevent work relates injuries contact us for our office ergonomic assessments in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. One of our ergonomic professionals can visit your office and help your employees improve their posture while they work. We will also teach stretching exercises, based on the type of work involved, that they can perform at their work station.

    Poor body posture can have an impact on work... Read more

  • Health and Fitness Assessments in Workplace for Employees

    We can do fitness assessments for your employees in Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal

    Discover how fit and healthy your employees are with our employee fitness and health assessment at your workplace. Our fitness and health evaluation will assess their cardiovascular fitness, body composition, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and other health factors.  After their evaluation we will build a customized action plan for each employee, based on the results of their evaluation, to help them to improve their fitness and health condition.... Read more

  • Samples and blood tests at your company or workplace

    For medical tests and blood work at your workplace 

    Samples and blood tests at your company, workplace or home is now possible.  To help you save time our team of nurses can visit your business or home for blood sampling and analysis. We offer the lab tests most commonly requested by physicians. See all the blood analysis we can offer

    Our samplings and blood tests service is a... Read more

  • Preventive health assessments for employees and executives

    For workplace health assessments for your employees and executives

    Option 1 – Our Preventive Health Assessment

    Our Preventive Health Assessment is an investment that will help improve your organization’s efficiency. Having fit and healthy employees and managers will create a more productive and competitive company.

    If you decide to choose our preventive health assessment for your business or workplace, we will start our work with a health assessment of your employees and/or managers and will evaluate the risk factors... Read more

  • Stretching Workshop Injury Prevention in the Workplace

    Prevent workplace injuries with our stretching workshop in Toronto Ottawa Calgary and Montreal

    Our Stretching workshops are geared to help prevent any injury or chronic pain that your employees may suffer as a result of their activities in the workplace.

    After a careful analysis of your needs, we will design a stretching program based on the specific types of activities of your organization with the comfort, security, and well-being or your employees in mind. We will create and teach stretching exercises that your employees will be able to... Read more